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Mar 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
draped down at the entrance of hp pavilion. >> law enforcement came from ash the state to the memorial. laura anthony joins with us more on that. laura? >> people began lining up before the motorcade arrived here this morning. many of them were from law enforcement community well aware that they, too, put their lives on the line every day. thousands of police officers from as far as nork po nork and maryland converged on hp pavilion wearing black bands on badges. ones signal they've lost, in this case, two of their own. >> it's a brotherhood and a sister hood we understand how a tragedy like this can happen every day. >> among mourners howard jordan, remembering all too well a similar memorial almost exactly six years ago. >> we know what the santa cruz police department is going through. unfortunately we're probably one of the only agencies in the country facing similar circumstances. many knew the officers personally. in this case, the detective sargeant, butch baker. >> he was a good guy, always out to help someone if they needed help. it doesn't matter who you were, just there to h
Mar 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
to the memorial for all members of law enforcement. there is a stop right acrossç the street from hp pavilion. our live coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. live here on awc 7 news and on abc 7 we'll be streaming it there for you. for more information another z.other details on how to watch the memorial service go to our web site. abc 7 click on see it on tv. >> a driver accused of slamming into a new york taxi and killing a young couple turned himself in to police. the 44-year-old surrendered in pennsylvania today. this is video from sunday morning's accident. police say he broadsided a taxi killing a couple. their baby delivered by c section but later died. he has a long criminal record, including murder, robbery and drunk drive oogt man accused of running over and killing a lowell high school student on saturday made a first court appearance today. the 29-year-old keeran brewer did not enter a plea but had bailu reduced to $300,000. police say he was dwrumpk a blood alcohol level above 09 when hitting the 17-year-old henry chang on slope boulevard. the teenager celebrated her b
Mar 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
morning raids. >> good evening. police officers and law enforcement officers from 14 other agencies served warrants in search of suspects and evidence they sthai may be connected to violent crimes throughout the city. oakland police with 14 other agencies, made their move before dawn targeting those think sea were planning violent acts within the community. officers served 20 in oakland there are key people we targ yitd for this operation. those people we went after, today. >> 12 suspects were arrested and multiple firearms recovered. police say they're searching for a half dozen more suspects believed to have committed or participated in numerous crimes. conspiracy to commit murder attempted murder. >> the deputy chief gave no details on that attack. the list of alleged crimes continues and names of the police say are responsible are family. this video provided by the police department. police say the two gangs are responsible foremost of the violent crime. police say one of three people arrested in the murder of ravi kumra is a member of money team. in all, more than 100 officers and age
Mar 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> most of the laws are kind of, you know, chew around the edges. you might soon be able to tell web sites to stop tracking you and allow consumers to demand web sites not track them. the groups say this would be a no brainer to nearly everyone but there is push back. >> this business model is based on supplying -- spying on customers. that is whaits all about right now. it's crazy. >> the law introduced by jay rockerfeller if you're a user of evernote the cloud note sharing service you may have had problems signing on this morning. hackers managed to breech it's computer networks. the company says they got encrypted pass are words however no content was compromised. evernote is the latest tech company in recent weeks to fall victims to hackers. the budget showdown might have a direct impact and here is the proof. yellow stone national park will remain closed another two weeks. the service usually hires these contractors to clear snow from park entrance buzz cruise won't get hired until later this month. many will cover fewer programs for visitors because of the showdown. >> thank you. >>
Mar 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
is with uc hastings college of the law. >> we should have got an instruction that was correct. the argument that it wasn't right. >> the california supreme court must decide if the conviction should be upheld. it doesn't matter what instruction he got, right or wrong. the evidence was overwhelming waits second degree murder and we shouldn't reverse his conviction. >> i think it sends a message that domestic violence in itself is not a serious or that there may be provocations from certain things a victim would co-say to make sure death more understandable. and certainly we find that concerning. >> the court has 90 days to decide. >> all right. samsung next smart phone will include an i scrolling feature. an employee who spoke on condition of anonymity says galaxy x 4 will track a user's eye. when reaching the bottom of the page it will scroll down to reveal the next paragraph. it will be intro dmusd a news conference taking place in new york. that is something. >> remarkable. >> when your smart phone contract expires a law says you may not switch to another carrier but the president wants t
Mar 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
by a sink hole. >> the bedroom floor collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there. he's underneath the house. >> how to tell if your home is on shaky ground. >>> and does absolutely everyone need a love song? ♪ >> wait until you hear what sparks a little romance in the panda cage. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, this friday night, the clock is ticking towards midnight and at midnight, the axe will fall on one of the biggest budget cuts in decades. the president today called the cuts dumb and arbitrary, saying they will grind down the u.s. economy, but there is no crisis atmosphere in capitol hill. take a look. the capitol building tonight, quiet. members of congress have already left town and the halls of congress, as you can see, are empty. abc's jonathan karl on what happens next. jon? >> reporter: the president had promised spending cuts known as the sequester would never happen, but after meeting with leaders here at the white house, he said he was basically powerless to stop them.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6